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Rio Grande Racecourse Half Day

Quick Details

Guest Ages 12 and up
Sale $64 was $74
Youth Ages 5-11
Sale $59 was $74

Experience Kokopelli Racecourse Half Day in Rio Grande with Kokopelli Rafting

This five-mile section known as the Racecourse is our most popular half-day trip on the Rio Grande. Ranging from a wild class III-IV ride during the spring high-water to a more technical and demanding class III run as the water goes down and the rocks come up in summer. In May and June, be prepared for cold water, big waves, and plenty of interactive excitement. As summer progresses and the water goes down, your guide will be depending on you to help maneuver and power the raft through many tight spots and narrow channels. With the lower water comes warmer water, allowing for more opportunities to jump in and go swimming, and surfing the raft in the waves.

The Racecourse is runnable all season long. If you are looking for the highest water, come in late May and early June.

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